About Engineering

​Our Mission, Responsibilities, Vision, and Dedication to Continual Improvement...

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in Augusta by providing programs that are safe, efficient, and effective; solely for the management of transportation and stormwater through proactive Infrastructure Maintenance, Design, Construction, and Traffic Management in an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Grading, Concrete and Paving
  • Drainage (Storm Drains, Ditches, Detention Ponds, Retention Ponds)
  • Sales Tax Design and Construction
  • Right-of-Way Property Maintenance and Property Acquisition
  • Capital Projects Administration
  • Traffic Engineering (Signals, Traffic Studies and Records, Signage, Roadway Marking, Street Lights)
  • Subdivision Plan and Review
  • Drafting and Surveying
  • Subdivision Inspection
  • Erosion Control
  • Utility Permits and Inspection
  • Maintenance of County owned infrastructures (stormwater conveyance system, roadway system and traffic operation system
  • Maintenance of County owned flood control structures (Levee and Dams)

Our Vision

To be the benchmark Engineering Department in the State of Georgia.

Dedication to Continual Improvement

The Engineering Department is dedicated to efforts involving continual improvement. An example of such efforts is the implementation of the American Public Works Association self-assessment program. This self-assessment program will be a valuable tool for determining how the policies, procedures, and practices currently in place compare to recommended management and operation practices identified by nationally recognized experts in the field of public works.

The findings of the self-assessment may then be used for developing or improving existing practices, enhancing performance, increasing productivity, and to strengthen employee morale.

With a revised organizational structure, the filling of several key positions, improved technological capability, implementation of the Construction Work Program, and continual self-assessment activities, the Engineering Department is indeed "Changing to Meet Today's Needs and Tomorrow's Challenges."