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Our office can provide you information regarding the following:

  • Arrest and prosecution procedures
  • Counseling options
  • Temporary Protection Orders (TPO)
  • Battered Women's Shelters
  • Providing cell phones for 9-1-1 calls free of charge to any victim of domestic violence

Protective Order

A Protective Order is an order issued by a Judge to help protect you from the person who is abusing or harassing you. Generally, the order states that the person is prohibited from having contact with you. Such an order is commonly referred to as a Temporary Protection Order, or TPO.

Obtaining A TPO

  • It must be filed in the county where the abuser lives. In Richmond County, go to the Superior Court to obtain a TPO.
  • There must have been a recent act of physical abuse.
  • You, as the victim, must complete the application for the TPO.
  • If the court grants the TPO, the batterer will be served with the order. Within 10 days, both of you will be required to return to court to determine if the order should be extended.
  • If the batterer violates the provisions of the order, he can be held in contempt of court and may be arrested. The TPO may become invalid if you make contact with the batterer.

If you would like more information about TPOs in Richmond County, please call the Superior Court Clerk's Office at (706) 821-2465.

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