Commercial & Fireline Tap Fees


Taps - Sizes 5/8" Through 2"

Cost only includes meter and strainer. Meter box and installation of meter box shall be responsibility of the owner to provide and install. Meter box shall meet Augusta Utilities Department standards.
3/4" x 5/8"

1" $306

1-1/2" $466

2" $613

Taps - Sizes 3” & Larger

On meter and strainer listings the cost includes only the meter and strainer and does not include any valves or pipe. The meter box shall be constructed by the owner of such size and materials as approved by the Augusta Utilities Department.

3" Meter and Strainer
4" Meter and Strainer
6" Meter and Strainer
8" Meter and Strainer



Customer Type
Single Family Residential $125 / Unit
Commercial $125 / Unit

Developers and commercial property owners are responsible for installing all commercial taps including but not limited to sewer, domestic water, irrigation, and fireline/hydrant taps. Augusta Utilities Department does not install commercial taps (including multi-lot residential developments). An approved site plan is required for commercial tap installations. Commercial taps must be installed by a licensed utility contractor. For more information concerning the site plan process please see the Planning & Zoning Website: Land Development Review.