Electrical & Gas Minimum Requirements


  • Underground - After wiring is installed and before backfill is placed.
  • Slab Rough-In - After all electrical systems are installed prior to placement of concrete.
  • Rough-In - After all wiring, conduit, and boxes are installed prior to concealment.
  • Final - After entire system is installed, connected, and ready for testing.


  • Underground - After piping is installed and before backfill is placed.
  • Rough-In - After piping is installed, before piping is concealed, and before any fixtures or appliances are connected. This inspection shall include a pressure test.
  • Final - After all piping, fixtures, and appliances are installed, connected, and tested.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the License and Inspection Department between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday at:
  • Ph: (706) 312-5050
  • Fx: (706) 312-4277