Building & Tree Minimum Requirements


  • Grounding - When rebar is present in footings it shall be used as the grounding electrode. See NEC 250.52 (A)(3)
  • Footing / Slab - Before concrete is placed.
  • Framing - After all rough-in plumbing, electrical, and mechanical is in place.
  • Final
    • SFD - After all building, mechanical, plumbing, gas, and electrical systems are installed, connected and tested.
    • Commercial - After all building, handicapped, mechanical, gas, plumbing, signs, and electrical fixtures (including signs) are installed, connected and tested. Street address numbers must be posted on the structure at this time.

Tree Ordinance Compliance

  • Contact Augusta Planning & Development Department at (706) 821-1796
    • Note: A Landscape Establishment Bond in the amount of $500 per required tree must be posted prior to requesting landscaping compliance inspection
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion prior to occupying building

Landscape Establishment Bond

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the License and Inspection Department between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday at:
  • Ph: (706) 312-5050
  • Fx: (706) 312-4277