Summary of Services

Asset Management & Tracking

Using the CCG Systems – faster software application, maintain detailed electronic information on each piece of fleet equipment including acquisition information, mileage / hour information, maintenance cost, fuel usage, and status changes.

Capital Expenditure Planning

Annually review the operational condition of each department’s fleet, identifying those assets that meet the replacement criteria, and estimating replacement cost for each budget year’s Capital Outlay program.

Equipment Disposal

In coordination with the Procurement Department and Finance Department: warehouse, inventory, record, organize, and execute surplus auction sales for excess government equipment of various funds of the Augusta Commission. When appropriate, recycle items not sellable.

Equipment Pooling

Establish a small pool of common vehicles and unique equipment that can be shared by numerous departments as a means of more economical operations.

Fleet Assessment

Evaluate each vehicle according to the replacement criteria to determine the health of the fleet by Department, considering age, miles or hours, maintenance cost, shop activity, and overall condition of the vehicle.

Fuel Services

Coordinate all requirements for fuel of Augusta Departments (exceptions for Augusta Public Transit and the Airport), provide administrative support by providing weekly and monthly fuel usage reports.

Lease Management

Provide administrative support for operational leases of construction type equipment through commercial banking institutions and to coordinate the lease program for the purchase of new equipment through the Georgia Municipal Association.

Licensing & Titles

Review, identify, and apply for all license tags of the Augusta fleet on an annual basis. Provide for the administrative requirements for registrations and titles of all vehicles and equipment.

Maintenance Contract Management

Monitors and supervises the daily execution of a maintenance contract supporting the Augusta fleet by a commercial maintenance provider.

Maintenance Management

Provides information to departments on maintenance operations of two major maintenance facilities and two satellite facilities. Identify maintenance priorities.

Specific Preparation

Based on the type of vehicle or equipment requested by the respective department, compose generic technical specifications for publication for competitive bid through the Procurement Department.


To that extent possible, within the parameters of existing purchasing ordinances and policies governing acquisition of property, standardize equipment and vehicles within the fleet by centralizing the preparation of specifications and purchasing of required equipment.