Ineligible Loan Purposes

Loan Proceeds May Not Be Used For

A loan will not be made to businesses or persons with unsatisfactory credit, delinquent taxes or other federal debts. The following activities/purchases are also ineligible:
  • Finance existing debt such as payroll expenses, taxes, etc.
  • Finance accounts receivables
  • Purchase construction equipment (other than solid waste equipment)
  • Purchase fire protection equipment
  • Community antenna television services or facilities
  • Legitimate business activity when more than 10 percent of the annual gross revenue is derived from legalized gambling activity
  • Any hotels, motels, tourist homes, or conventions centers
  • Any transit, recreation, or amusement centers
  • ANy eligible project that is in violation of either a Federal, State, or Local environmental protection law or regulation
  • The transfer of ownership unless the loan will keep the business from closing or prevent the loss of employment opportunities
  • Purchase furnishings and personal property not an integral structural fixture of the business debt consolidation
  • Finance political activities
  • Restaurant start-up enterprises. Existing restaurant must be in operation for at least one (1) year prior to submitting an application for expansion, working capital or technical assistance.
  • Any other activity (not mentioned above) or concern, as specified by the Housing and Community Development Department
For additional information please contact the Program Coordinator at (706) 821-1797.