Outside Tips

Tips For The Outdoors

  • Water your lawn only in the cool parts of the day to minimize evaporation. How much is enough? Place a tuna or cat food can on the lawn in reach of the sprinkler. When the can is full, your yard has had sufficient watering (1"). Light sprinklings tend to evaporate quickly and encourage shallow root growth. Heavy sprinklings run off and waste water.
  • Listen to weather forecasts to avoid unnecessary watering.
  • Avoid watering the driveway and street.
  • Let your grass grow longer in warm months to discourage evaporation and lawn burn.
  • Limit the amount of turf in your yard and grow plants which require little water (call us at (706) 821-1851 for information on Xeriscape, water-friendly landscaping).
  • Sweep off your driveway, walks, and patio rather than hosing them off.
  • Buy a trigger nozzle for your hose rather than leaving the water running between uses.
  • Cover pools when not in use to prevent evaporation.
  • Mulch outdoor plants to help the soil retain moisture.
For additional tips on how to conserve water or water quality visit the Water Environment Federation or American Water Works Association.