Repayment Plan

Repayment Period

If approved, the customer must make the scheduled repayments in addition to the current billings for each subsequent month. The balance of the account must be completely satisfied in no longer than six months.

If the customer is late on any payment during the repayment period or if an insufficient check is utilized to satisfy the account at any time during the repayment period, service will be discontinued immediately.

For additional information please contact the Customer Service Department at (706) 821-1851.

Delinquent Accounts

Any customer who has a delinquent account of more than 90 days as of the date of the adoption of this policy may submit a written repayment plan which clearly outlines the customer's ability to pay and a schedule of payments which will bring the account current, not to exceed six months, to the Augusta Utilities Director before the account has been submitted to collections.

At a minimum, the customer must satisfy one-half of the outstanding balance before a repayment plan can be considered. Although Augusta Utilities may opt to waive penalties during the repayment period, the written payment plan does not relieve the customer from paying applicable penalties that have been applied to the account or from continued penalties assessed due to nonpayment or late payment.

Customers who have had two returned checks or any unauthorized usage are ineligible to submit a written repayment plan.