Ownership & Billing Adjustments


Augusta Utilities installs, owns, and maintains all water service lines from the main to, and including, the meter. Water service lines from the main to, and including, the meter box may be installed by the customer's contractor, subject to payment of fees, inspection, and approval by Augusta Utilities. Customer lines from the meter to the building or premises shall be installed, owned, and maintained by the customer.

No person other than Augusta Utilities personnel shall renew any service or move any curb stop or meter, or meter box, except by written permission of the Augusta Utilities Director. It is unlawful for any person other than duly authorized employees of Augusta Utilities to turn on or turn off service, or tamper with meters or curb stops, without permission. For additional information related to ownership and usage of water and sewer lines, refer to Augusta-Richmond County Code Title 5.

For additional information please contact the Customer Service Department at (706) 821-1851.

Get information on adjustments due to leaks in city-maintained lines.