New Accounts / Transfers

Meter Service

A meter service shall be required for each premise utilizing water provided by Augusta Utilities. No person, whether owner or tenant, receiving water supplied from Augusta Utilities through a meter approved for their premises shall supply any other, separate premises with water. Any person supplying another with water in violation of Title 5 of the Augusta-Richmond County Code shall have his water turned off and will be subject to other penalties as outlined in this policy and under Title 5.

Requesting New Service / Transfers

Individuals who are requesting new service or a transfer of service to another location must complete a new account application with Augusta Utilities. At a minimum customers are required to supply the:
  • Legal name
  • Mailing address
  • Previous address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Picture identification
  • Either a copy of the title or lease or a notarized letter from the property owner indicating that the applicant is the primary resident of the property for which services are being applied for
  • Any additional information as required on the application for services
  • Return a completed and signed Water Turn-On form to Customer Service by 2 pm.
Augusta Utilities will retain a copy of the picture identification along with the application. In addition, commercial applicants are required to submit their federal identification number, or, as in case of small businesses without federal identification, the name of the responsible party for the business (i.e., president, owner, etc.) along with the personal identification for the responsible party. It is the responsibility of each customer to provide revised application information to Augusta Utilities as such information becomes available.

Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 12

As per Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 12, "if water has been supplied to any premises, and afterwards it shall be found that false representation has been made by such applicant, or that water is being used in or upon the premises for purposes not set forth in the application made for water supply to the premises, the water shall be shut off, and shall remain shut off, until all unauthorized use of water has been stopped, and any sum of money determined due for the use thereof has been paid..."

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