Delinquent Accounts


Collection of the customer's account is first initiated when it becomes delinquent. In the initial phase of collection, Augusta Utilities utilizes late payment penalties and discontinued service to enforce collection of outstanding amounts. Reasonable effort is made to notify the customer through these procedures. If the customer has failed to respond to these initial procedures, the debt shall be referred to an outside collection agency for further action. Service will not be restored until the outstanding balance has been satisfied.

Accounts with any outstanding amounts due that are greater than 180 days will be removed from the system and turned over to a collection agency. The customer Service division will maintain an updated, alphabetized listing, including the location and amounts outstanding, of customers who have been turned over for collections. After the account has been turned over to the collection agency, the customer must remit payment of the outstanding balance directly to the collection agency. The customer may leave a check or money order made payable to the collection agency with Augusta Utilities to forward to the agency, but the debt will not be considered as settled until the collection agency has indicated that the account has been satisfied.

Failure To Pay

Individuals who have failed to pay their delinquent account balance may be reported to one or more nationally recognized credit reporting bureaus. The collection agency shall be responsible for the initial report, and for all future status updates. Augusta Utilities will deny service to customers who have a delinquent balance due either on an active account or an account that has been turned over to collections.

For additional information please contact our Customer Service Department at (706) 821-1851.