Billing Procedures


Monthly service charges for water and sewer services generally consist of a monthly demand charge based upon the size of a customer's water meter, plus a volume charge applied to the monthly water consumption. In addition, connection fees varying by water meter size are charged to new customers connecting to the system. The water and sewer rates to all customers within each class of service are uniform. Other than water service provided to public parks, fire hydrants, and fire sprinklers, Augusta Utilities does not provide any free water or sewer service. Augusta Utilities also charges commercial sewer a surcharge for disposal of certain types of high-strength wastewater.


Under Georgia Law, the Augusta Commission has the exclusive authority to establish rates and charges for water and sewer service supplied by the system. The rates charged for water and sewer service supplied by the Augusta Utilities are not subject to review or approval by any federal or state regulatory body. The Augusta Commission establishes the rates, which are subject to change at any time, as the Commission deems advisable.

The Augusta Commission established a uniform water and sewer rate schedule for the Augusta Utilities System effective April 1, 1996, which it adjusted effective September 3, 1996. On March 18, 1998 the Commission approved an ordinance (#6023) to adjust rates annually in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for the previous fiscal period effective April 1, 1998, with an adjustment made on April 1 of each succeeding year.

Billing Dates

Billing dates are established according to the cycle assignment for the location of the meter. There are currently 12 billing cycles utilized by Augusta Utilities. Customers are generally billed within two weeks of the meter reading. All bills and written correspondence are mailed or delivered to the most recent mailing address on file for the customer.

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