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Magnolia Notable Graves

Notable Activity
J. Hartford Montgomery Oldest marked grave, died on December 24, 1800 at the age of 43; Located near the north wall and the west wall of the cemetery MontgomeryMontgomery
John Marshall First Sexton of Magnolia Cemetery; Book A, Page 62; Buried January 22,1833; Native of England; Died of consumption; 50 years old; Here ends the records of John Marshall, Sexton, who died January 22, 1883 after having served in the office from September 1, 1817. Lewis Kenzie commenced his duties January 22, 1883; Per St. Pauls Episcopal (transcribed by the Augusta Genealogical Society); Church's funeral records: January 22, 1833 John Marshall, City Sexton, Born September 14, 1778 MarshallMarshallMarshall
John Martin Soldier of the American Revolution who died on February 14, 1843 at the age of 105; served in the Cherokee War of 1755 and was wounded in the head by a tomahawk; served through the whole of the Revolutionary War with honor; the ladies of Augusta erected a monument at the head of the grave as a tribute of respect; the revolutionary cannon that he supposedly brought back from the war serves as a marker at the foot of his grave, the cannon stands upright; grave is located north of First Street, approximately in the middle of the block MartinMartin
Confederate Section Approximately 337 Confederate soldiers are buried on Fourth Street near the east wall; there is also a section southeast of the Speaker's Stand on Fifth Street where some Federal Civil War troops are buried, they were prisoners of war and died here; There is also a memorial for the seven Confederate Generals that are buried in the Cemetery, they are located precisely south of the Speaker's Stand Confederate SectionFederal Civil War Section
Generals WalkGenerals Walk
Edward Porter Alexander
(Brigadier General)
Book D, page 172, died April 28, 1910 in Savannah, GA, 75 years old; Widower of Betty Mason Alexander; Graduate of West Point into Corps of Engineers, USA Chief of Artillery Longstreet’s Corps ANV; His 75 guns raked the Federal line on Cemetery Ridge in preparation for Pickett’s famous assault at Gettysburg; Severely wounded at Petersburg, he rejoined his command in time to make the last march to Appomattox; After the war, he had a distinguished career as professor of engineering, railroad president, and author; Buried Alexander Section #A113-137, north side of Seventh Street, fifth section east of West Wall Avenue AlexanderAlexander
Goode Bryan
C66, died August 18, 1885, 74 years old; Resident of Augusta for 13 years; Widower; West Point Graduate, 1834; Member of GA Secession Convention from Lee County; Entered Confederate service in 1861 and was promoted to Brigadier General in August 1863; Poor health forced him to resign in September 1864; Buried on the Bryan Section #E137-F138, southside of Eighth Street, fifth section east of West Wall Avenue Bryan
Victor Jean Bastiste Girardy
(Brigadier General)
A459, buried August 17, 1864; Killed in action by the enemy near Richmond, VA; 26 years old; Serving the confederacy on General Wright’s staff, he was repeatedly commended for his skill, bravery, and efficiency, so outstanding was his performance at the battle of Crater that he was promoted from Captain to Brigadier General, this was the only instance in the Confederate army of such a promotion, killed 13 days after promotion; Buried on V.J.B. Girardy Section #34, second section south of Second Street and west of the third walk W. of deL’Aigle Avenue GirardyGirardy
John King Jackson
(Brigadier General)
A587, buried March 1, 1866; 38 years old; Life resident of Augusta; Attorney-at-Law; Wife: Mrs. Louise Virginia Hardwick Jackson; Took part in the campaigns at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and Atlanta; Also participated in the defense of Savannah; After the war, he resumed his law practice and while on a trip to Milledgeville, contracted pneumonia and died; Buried on J.K. Jackson Sec. #A54, north side of Fifth Street, third section east of west wall; Brig. General C.S.A., fought in battles of Santa Rosa, Shiloh, Corinth, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, Chickamauga, and the siege of Savannah, GA JacksonJackson
William Duncan Smith
A363, Buried October 6, 1862, Native of Richmond Co., GA; General C.S.A.; Died of lung hemorrhage at age 36 years old; West Point Graduate, 1846; Brigadier General in the Confederacy Army from March 7, 1862; Exhibited considerable ability as both a desk commander and in the field; Contracted Yellow Fever and died in Charleston, SC; Buried on Smith Section #22, second section, south of Second Street at the west side of deL’Aigle Avenue SmithSmith
Marcellus A. Stovall
D3, Died August 6, 1865; 77 years old; Native of Hancock Co.; Retired; Married; Augusta resident most of his life; Died of valvular heart disease; Fought gallantly in the Atlanta campaign; Accompanied General Hood into Tennessee and with the remnant of the army, joined General Johnson in the Carolinas; After the war he engaged in the cotton brokerage and the manufacture of fertilizers, organizing and operating the Georgia Chemical Works; Buried on M. A. Stovall Section #B106-B130, second section north of Sixth Street between second and third walks East of West Wall Avenue StovallStovall
Ambrose Ranson Wright
(Major General)
B222; Resumed his law practice after the war; Purchased “The Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel” in 1866; 1871, was defeated for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate; Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives the following year but died prior to taking his seat; Tombstone reads: “To the memory of Ambrose Ranson Wright, Major General C.S.A. and member elect of the Forty-Second Congress”; Native of Jefferson Co., GA; Born April 6, 1826; Died in Augusta December 21, 1872; Buried on R.H. Wright Section #C303 third section north of Seventh Street, fourth walk west of deL’Aigle Avenue WrightWright
John Sheldon Davidson Book C, page 166, born June 17, 1846; Died March 11, 1894; He was President Pro-tem of GA Senate from 1884-1885 and President of the Senate from 1885-1887; he also was a member of the Richmond Co. Board of Education from 1873 and President of the same from July, 1878, until his death
Charles Dawson Tilly B331, native of Ireland; Born in 1845; Died in Augusta in 1875; Killed in the last duel fought at Sand Bar Ferry; Portrait is hanging in the lobby of the office; buried in the southwest corner of the deL’Aigle section on Seventh Street
William White Holt A375; Born July 4, 1788; Died January 11, 1863; He was a commissioned officer in the War of 1812; He was the Mayor of Augusta, legislator, and a judge of the State Supreme Court Holt
General George W. Evans B365; Born in Augusta in 1804, he was buried on May 24, 1877 at the age of 72 years, 6 months, and 24 days; He was a former mayor of Augusta. The town of Evans, GA; Was named in his honor; The town was listed as Evens by the post office from 1882 to December 1, 1926; The federal post office amended the error thus restoring the proper name to the community EvansEvans
James Ryder Randall D145; Born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 1, 1839, died in Augusta on January 15, 1908; He was the author of “Maryland, My Maryland” Randall
Paul Hamilton Hayne C77; Born in South Carolina, died in Grovetown, GA on July 6, 1886 at age 56 years; Considered one of the best Southern poets of the 19th century; his efforts were admired and appreciated in Europe and the United States HayneHayne
General Thomas Glascock A102; Born October 21, 1790, died May 19, 1841; He was for many years a member of the Legislature of Georgia; At one time he was the Speaker of the House of Representatives and twice elected to Congress; Served in the War with England of 1812; Rank was Brig. General; Served in the Seminole War of 1817 under General Jackson; Died in DeKalb County in a fall from a horse; Listed in our burial record books twice on separate occasions GlascockGlascock