Purpose & Responsibilities


The Augusta Commission created this 12-member board to review all plans for development of properties lying within the boundaries of the Planned Development Riverfront (PDR) Zone.

The PDR recognizes the value of the Savannah Riverfront as an economic, historical, recreational, and visual resource of tremendous value to the citizens of Augusta and surrounding areas. It also recognizes the critical and sensitive environmental concerns to be considered for the orderly and aesthetic development or redevelopment of the lands adjoining the Savannah River.

The responsibility of this board is to implement the following:
  • Limit land uses to those which will provide the best utilization of the benefits afforded by a riverfront location.
  • Ensure that the regulations applicable to the riverfront will be responsive to the dictates of the development economy at a given time.
  • Set forth sufficient design and development standards and criteria to provide for maximum public benefit from the further development of the riverfront area through a mixture of land uses, the provision and maintenance of public access, elimination or mitigation of negative environmental impacts from development, aesthetic controls, and the beneficial coordination of residential, recreational, and commercial utilization of the riverfront lands.