The records listed below were copied in the field by Augusta-Richmond County Cemetery employees with the exception of one noted below of Private John Holmes. His stone, which is now unreadable, was visited by Mr. Morton Reese on March 31, 1936 and at that time he recorded the inscription on Private Holmes's sand stone marker.

The graves are marked from back left to right. i.e. grave one, row one will be the first grave in the back on the left.

Row One

  • Marker unknown

Row Two

  • Marker Unknown
  • Marker Unknown
  • John Holmes, Private "B" Company, 3rd Reg. US Arty., Died 2/5/1844
  • Bricked up grave with sandstone marker covering half the grave; Marker split and is now unreadable; This is the oldest marked grave in this cemetery
  • JNO Kelly, ORD. DET. USA
  • P.M. Fadden, C.S.A.
  • Thos. Hannon C.S.A.
  • Marker Unknown
  • J.W. Doyle, Ord. Det. USA
  • Mrs. J.W. Doyle
  • In Memory of Jennie G, wife of J.W. Cosgrove, Born 1/9/1868, Died 7/9/1898
  • Velma Grace Harrison, child 4/20/1927
  • Mary Louise, wife of Corp Joseph Luttringer USA 9/1/1932
  • Joseph Luttringer, New York. Corp. US Army 2/1/1941
  • Clifton Clary, Georgia Pvt. 4 US Arty. 2/19/1934
  • Bertha Agnes, wife of Master Sgt. G.S. Pickett, USA 10/26/1937
  • George S. Pickett, Georgia Master Sgt. US Army World War I , 2/22/1876, 6/5/1948
  • Mary Ann, daughter of Sgt. W.J. Berrong, USA 8/22/1941
  • Alfred E. Bailey, Georgia Pvt. 83 Field Arty, 8/4/1938
  • JNO Dobbins, 3rd US Arty

Row Three

  • JNO Calvin, Ord. Det.
  • Mrs. J. Calvin
  • Fred Calvin
  • Nancy Kennedy
  • Laura Kennedy, child
  • King, infant
  • Jos. E. Mays, child
  • Annie B. Ford
  • Chas. D. Mays, civilian
  • Corpl. Wm. Holden, Ordinance Dept.
  • Sarah Holden, 5/17/1925
  • Mary E. Hillegeist, 4/16/1927
  • Adolf Hillegeist, Ord. Det.
  • James Lane, Ord. Det.
  • Chas. Dorler, Ord. Det.
  • Corpl. Morgan Piper, Ord. Det.
  • Henry Cuerre, Ord. Dept.
  • Jas. Walsh, Ord. Det
  • Sgt. J.W. Atkin, Ord. Dept.
  • C.E. Clark, Ord. Dept.
  • Helen Grace Nunn, child, 6/4/1925

Row Four

  • James Davis, Ord. Det., USA
  • J.A. Vanleuven, Ord. Det., USA
  • 2-A Hiram W. Frost, Ohio
  • Henry Carne, C.S.A.
  • John Mays, Georgia; Corpl., Ord. Dept., 7/25/1926
  • Louise Kennedy, wife of Cpl. John Mays USA, 5/1/1873, 11/27/1946
  • Louis Wittemer, New Jersey, Corpl. US Army, 3/16/1928
  • Bertha Kennedy, wife of Cpl. Louis USA, 7/19/1877, 6/8/1949

Row Five

  • W.H. Roberts, Ord. Det. USA
  • Pat'k Donouchue, Ord. Det. USA
  • James Long, Ord. Det. USA
  • Corp'l Alb't Deuerer, Ord. Det. USA
  • Sergt. William Frey, 8/16/1837, 1/17/1896; At the bottom of the base reads Father
  • Jas. A. Sapp. Ord. Det. USA
  • Marion Singleton, wife of Sgt M.A. Smith, USA 7/1/1933
  • Marion A. Smith, North Carolina, Sergt. US Army, 3/26/1928

Row Six

  • Tabitha Frey, 5/17/1849, 12/6/1918; At the bottom of the base reads Mother;Back of stone reads "I know that my redeemer liveth."

Row Seven

  • J.N. Guyton, Ord. Det. USA
  • Corpl. James Ryan, Troop D 3rd Cav'y; Erected by the members of his troop
  • SGT. Louis Daum 2nd US Inf.
  • Zashary Hester, Co.D 3rd Ga. Inf. War with Spain
  • Sergt. Henry Redelix U.S. Army
  • Charles Pfahler, New York, Comsy Sgt. US Army 2/5/1926
  • Henry Anthony Duggan, South Carolina,
  • Apprentice Seaman US Navy 3/10/1926

Row Eight

  • H.N. Clark, Ord. Det. USA
  • J.N.O. Guvton, Ord. Det. USA
  • Linsey Child
  • Geo. Lindsey, Ord. Det. USA
  • Karl Erbach, Ord. Det. USA
  • Corpl. J.W. Cosgrove, USA

Row Nine

  • Corpl. Milledge Mills, Co. A. 10th US Vol. Inf., War with Spain
  • Hugh Pollard, Co. C. 10th US Vol. Inf., War with Spain
  • W.C. Brown, Co C. 10th US Vol. Inf., War with Spain