GIS Pricing

Paper Map Pricing

Type Size (In Inches) Cost
A - Letter 8.5 x 11 $10
B - Ledger 11 x 17 $15
17 x 22 $20
D 24 x 34 $40
E 34 x 42 $45

  **Please visit our Open Data Catalog to download data**

Digital Data Pricing

Geodatabase Layer
Parcels (Lines)**


Road Centerlines**

Address Points**



Hydrology/Water Bodies**


$2,000 (see Note 1 below)
Parcels w/ Ownership
$2,000 (includes annotation and dimensions)

Note 1: 2021 Digital color orthophotography captured in 2021 is available in GeoTIFF Format. County-wide files are available for ftp upload for $2,000. These large asset data files may require additional time to reproduce.

Note 2: New IT-GIS Division Maintained Layers will be categorized as determined by the GIS staff with IT Director and Administrator’s Office approval and charged appropriately.

Augusta, GA Disclaimer  
 The data represented has been compiled by the best methods available. Accuracy is contingent upon the source information as compiled by various agencies and departments both internal and external to the consolidated government of Augusta, GA. Augusta, GA and the companies contracted to develop these data sets assume no legal responsibilities for the information or accuracy contained on this map or digital data delivery. It is strictly forbidden to sell or reproduce this product for any reason without the written consent of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission.