Map/Data Guidelines

Map Guidelines

  • Media - All maps will be printed on standard white bond paper; printing on other media is not a service currently offered.
  • Timeliness - The maps will be provided in a practical timeframe. In special cases (e.g. custom maps or large orders), we will provide the maps in a time period not to exceed one week unless a different time frame is negotiated during the map request.
  • Cost – Base labor charge of $45 will apply plus printing costs. Additionally, custom mapping that includes GIS Analysis will incur an additional hourly fee plus printing costs.

  • Release to County Departments, Managers, and Elected Officials - Maps will be created and released to County departments to assist in management at no charge. Companies working on projects for the County will receive data and maps at no charge. In the case when an elected official has qualified to run for re-election, he or she shall pay full cost for maps used in the campaign.
  • Disclaimer - All paper maps must have the Augusta GIS Disclaimer, please see disclaimer here.

Digital Data Guidelines

  • Media - We do not accept client provided media. Digital data will be released in any of the following media types: CD, DVD, FTP (uploaded to customer’s FTP site), and e-mail as conditions allow. These are subject to change as new storage technology is acquired. Augusta is not obligated to provide data when the purchaser asks for data on a form of media that is not maintain.
  • Timeliness - The release of digital data entails more time and effort on the part of the staff, especially in the case of a custom order. IT-GIS Staff will provide the data as soon as it is practical, in a time period not to exceed two weeks except in extreme instance in which case the client will be notified.
  • Cost / Custom Work - A charge of $45 per hour shall be charged to all digital releases. This charge entails media, customization work, and the time required to run the data to media. Custom digital data releases are defined as those that require staff to clip or assemble areas that do not conform to predefined boundaries. Large datasets that require additional staff time will incur a flat fee including yet not inclusive to LiDAR, Aerial Imagery, etc.
  • Format - GIS data will be released in any format that can be written from ESRI software. Database information will be released in a standard database format to include MS Access, MS Excel, etc. Augusta is not obligated to provide digital information when the purchaser has incompatible software.
  • Resale - Data is released with the understanding that it is not to be repackaged and resold by the entity to which the data was released except with the express written consent by the ARC Commission or Administrator, and with credit being given to Augusta, Georgia as the original source of the information.
  • Release at No Charge (private companies) - In certain circumstances, the GIS Staff may release data at no cost to private companies or individuals when it will serve the best interests of Augusta, Georgia. This is provided as a courtesy and does not obligate Augusta to further no-cost releases to the aforementioned company or individual. Restrictions involving resale shall apply to such a release. Data Releases at no charge are subject to approval by the City Administrator.
  • Release at No Charge in Exchange for Other Data - In such instances where private agencies maintain data that will enhance the Augusta Enterprise Geodatabase and are willing to trade their data in exchange for information maintained by Augusta, an exchange of information may be authorized. Restrictions involving resale shall apply to such releases. The exchange must satisfy both parties and may require a contractual agreement. Data Releases at no charge are subject to approval by the City Administrator. The exchange must satisfy the following conditions:
    • Layer for Layer. The exchange will take place on a layer-for-layer basis. For example: three layers of information provided by the private agency shall be exchanged for three layers of Augusta GIS data.
    • Geographic Area. The size of the geographic area of data provided by Augusta shall be comparable to the size of the area provided by the private agency. The geographic location need not be the same, but a release of an area of one square mile may be exchanged for a similarly-sized area elsewhere in the County. In order to maintain consistency, all data traded by Augusta GIS will be provided on a map tile basis. Restrictions involving resale shall apply to such releases.
  • Release at No Charge (Public Agencies and Public Utilities) - Public agencies and utilities may have data released to them at no cost provided that the request can be filled within two hours (to be slotted on a monthly basis). Requests that exceed that amount may be charged at the amount that private companies pay – starting with the third hour of labor. Private organizations working as an agent of a public agency or utility (e.g., an engineering company working for an Augusta Department) may receive data at no cost. Restrictions involving resale shall apply to such a release.
  • Disclaimer - All digital data releases are subject to the same disclaimer as paper maps. Please see disclaimer here.