Services & Programs

Below are some of the services and programs that are provided by the IT-GIS Division.  These services are available to Augusta, GA departments/employees and the general public.  Some services may be subject to a fee.  Contact us for further information on these and other available services and programs.

Map Production and Digital Data

Paper maps and digital data will be produced for a fee by emailing the IT-GIS Division or mailing your request to:
Augusta Information Technology
Attn: GIS Division
535 Telfair St Bldg 2000
Augusta, GA 30901

For a list of maps available for download, visit the PDF Gallery.  Associated costs for maps and data requested can be found under GIS Pricing information. To obtain a street map of the Augusta Metropolitan Area, please contact the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce at (706) 821-1300.

Addressing and Road Naming 

Addressing services that include assignment/reassignment as well as approval of road names and honorary namings are coordinated through the IT-GIS Division.  The Division continues the process of verifying site addresses for the Tax Assessor and performing database maintenance on the existing addresses/roads.  Please contact GIS Addressing to inquiry on these services.

GISMap Training

IT-GIS offers instructor-led training for all Augusta, GA employees as needed.  Training for other agencies/groups can be scheduled.  Classes are held in the Training Room of the Information Technology Building.  For further information on training, please contact Augusta GIS or view the online training videos.