Tax Bill Search Instructions

2013 Billing
For 2013, the billing date is August 23, 2013; the early payment discount date is September 12, 2013; and the last day to pay without penalty or interest is November 15, 2013. Interest at the rate of 1% per month or part thereof applies after that date. A 10% late payment penalty applies after December 20, 2013.

If a downward adjustment is made to a bill, a refund will be sent to the person or mortgage company paying the tax. If an upward adjustment is made, the mortgage company and/or the taxpayer will receive a balance due bill.

From The Home Page
The below instructions are given starting from the August-Richmond County home page. Please be advised you will need to print off these instructions before moving to the home page.
  1. Select "Online Maps" (featured on the left side of the page)
  2. Select "Parcel Search"
  3. Enter information in "one" of the available options
    Once you locate the desired parcel, click on the taxpayer name and see parcel, or go to the bottom or the parcel information, then select "View Tax Bills"