Moving To Augusta

This site has been created in order to provide prospective Augusta residents with contact information for various agencies that they may need in order to settle in the area. Many of the links below are connected to this site's Business Resource Directory (BRD), which is a list of government organizations, departments, and agencies as well as public utilities and local businesses. When you click on a link below, it will take you to a listing of agencies in our resource directory that meet the criteria that you're looking for. This list may not be all-inclusive of all service providers of a certain type.

Most of the commonly-sought agencies are found in the links below, but there are other local businesses that have voluntarily registered with Augusta in order to be featured in the Business Resource Directory. You can filter this list by various categories to narrow your search.
Click the link to the right to see the Resource Directory in its entirety. The Directory is growing all the time as businesses register with Augusta.

The Basics - Getting Settled in Augusta

The links below will take you to lists of resources in each category.

Got a Question? 311 Can Help!


Additional Resources for the New Resident

Click on the links below to see organizations, agencies, departments, and businesses that meet criteria that you're looking for.

Connect with Augusta

Augusta has a significant social media presence and you can subscribe to get notices from your local government! The graphic to the right will take you to our ConnectAugusta page, which lists all our various social media tools.

And Don't Forget to Register with the EMA!

The Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has a public notification sign up page to facilitate communications in case of a disaster. Please take the opportunity to go to this site and let the EMA know how to reach you in case of an emergency.