Doing Business

  1. 2010 Census

  2. Augusta Awards and Rankings

  3. Economic Development

    Find out how Augusta can help you start or expand a your business.

    1. Augusta Tomorrow, Inc.

    2. Downtown Development Authority

    3. Augusta Economic Development Authority

      Major economic development projects in Augusta-Richmond County are the responsibility of the Development Authority.

    4. TAD, Enterprise and Opportunity Zones

  4. Demographic Data

    Learn about the demographic numbers of the Augusta-Richmond County area.

  5. Loan Programs

    Loan programs are available to help finance new development and reduce unemployment in Augusta.

    1. Eligibility

    2. Funding & Purpose

    3. Use of Loan Proceeds

    4. Types of Loans

  1. Other Resources

    Browse through more local resources available to businesses in the Augusta-Richmond County area.

  2. Retail Information

    Get demographic info and details about the existing retail situation in Augusta.

    1. Existing Retail in Augusta

  3. Target Area Master Plan

    Find out more about the plan and what its goals are.

    1. Illustrative Master Plan

  4. Augusta Regional Collaboration