2010 Schedule

 Visit # Approximate Dates  Trip Length  Primary Purpose  Documents Due 
 11 Jan 26th - 29th  4 Days Commissioners Debriefing and Commentary Meeting
Including: Department Heads, Authority Heads, and Advisory Committee
Guest Panel:
Richard Dagenhart, Urban Design Professor at Georgia Tech
Catherine Ross, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development
Katherine Moore, Georgia Conservancy
 12 March 1st - 5th  4 Days Advisory Committe Presentation
Public Presentation of Progress Report
Progress Report
 13 March 30th - April 16th  10 Days Individual Meetings with key stakeholders for all project areas Advisory Committee Meeting  
 14 May 17th - 22nd  4 Days Public Progress Review
CNU Conference
Advisory Committee Meeting
 15 June 21st - 25th  4 Days Public Review of Draft Report
Advisory Committee Meeting
Draft Graphics Report
 16  August 2nd - 6th   Round Table Discussions
Advisory Committee Meeting
Draft Final Report
 17 Sept. 20th - 24th  4 Days Final Presentation, Thursday, September 23rd Final 4-part Report