Karate is one of the most popular formats of fitness and discipline available. SoKarateme of the positive aspects of martial arts classes include the following:

  1. Discipline: The repetition, details, rhythms, rules, and protocols that are emphasized during class can all aid in a child’s & adult’s self discipline.
  2. Self Confidence: By learning how to restrain an opponent and protect yourself. While also building self confidence in your skill.
  3. Fitness: Martial arts definitely keeps participants active in a fun environment and builds coordination and overall fitness level, which will benefit all participants as they participate in other activities. It is also an activity for kids that is year round versus seasonal and works well for those needing more structure.
  4. Self Motivation:All participants can track their individual progress and success as they work up to different levels. Many forms of martial arts have colored belts to mark that progression. Kids and youth adults often want to work to the next level. They work for their own merits while developing awareness that they are responsible for their actions.
Martial arts classes can help focus on mind and body while learning to respect one’s strength and technique. These are skills that can be used for a lifetime on a daily basis.

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